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Medical apps for healthcare professionals

We create medical apps for healthcare professionals.  Our focus is on acute and emergency medicine, particularly within the UK. However, much of the content is applicable to the global setting.

Mobile healthcare apps are a key part of modern healthcare. They allow quick and easy access to evidence-based practice and circumvent some of the difficulties that arise when trying to access the internet from a PC at work.

Relying on a mobile signal or Wi-Fi connection can sometimes be problematic in hospital or the pre-hospital setting. Unlike some other healthcare app developers, our apps do not require an internet connection, so you can be sure you always have access to the information you need.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, so if there is something you think we should develop, please get in touch: Contact Us

Dose chex

Dose Chex allow you to check drug doses and infusion rates to avoid errors in the prescription and administration of medicines.


EMUK is is a scoring system calculator app specifically designed with the decision rules required for the practice of emergency medicine in the UK.


The NCalc app allows you to quickly and easily calculate a NEWS score from a single screen,

VTE calc

VTE Calc has a all the calculators you could need to manage patients with suspected DVT and PE.

WHere to get our medical apps

Our medical apps are available from the App Store and Google Play. The links below will show all of our apps that are available on each platform.