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EMUK is the only emergency medicine calculator app designed specifically for the UK. It has been designed by an emergency physician to fit the fast-paced way in which emergency medicine is practiced.

We are constantly adding new content, but if there is a decision rule or conversion you think we should include you can let us know here: Request new content

Decision rules

From the home screen  select the decision rule you wish to access. If you are unsure which rule to use, the search box allows you to access the relevant decision rules by searching for the rule name, disease or symptoms. The full list of included rules can be accessed here.

New content is constantly being added, but if there is a decision rule you want us to include get in touch via the contact page.


The interface has been designed to fit the way you work. The score is shown at the top of each rule and updates the moment you enter information.


Each rule is backed up with explanations of how it should be applied and how the results should  be interpreted.
Links to relevant publications are included as well as easy access to relevant national guidance such as that from NICE. You can be sure that you are using each rule to manage patients in the best way.


You can choose which rules to show on the home screen and reorder them to give instant access to your most frequently used rules.

You can also choose whether hidden rules should appear in search results.


Conversions are built into the decision rules.  Where you see a row with an arrow, tapping the row will take you directly to the conversion with the results fed back into the decision rule.


EMUK supports dark mode and Dynamic Type fonts, allowing you to increase the text size to suit your needs.