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NCalc is a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) calculator for iOS and Android.

new for Version 3.0

NCalc has been updated for iOS 16. New features include:

  • Colour coded risk level.
  • Links to the recommended actions for each risk level.
  • The ability to add notes to each risk level, for example, to record your local escalation process.
  • Vibration when the risk level changes
  • The ability to position controls to suit left or right handed use of the app.
  • Support for larger font sizes and dark mode.

Single screen

Data is entered on a single screen using drop-down lists of values.

This allows a clear interface to be maintained when using larger font sizes

Instant update

As you select the values for each parameter the score instantly updates.

The NEWS score and the risk level are shown at the top of the screen. The header colour changes to match the risk level, following the colour scheme in the Royal College of Physicians guidance.


Tapping the NEWS score takes you to the recommended actions. Included in this our any notes you have added.

Actions page


You can add notes to each risk level of the NEWS score to fit with your local policy e.g. contact numbers for people you may need to call

Notes page

Customise the controls

You can set the controls to be on the left or right side or to be central, enabling the most comfortable one-handed usage of your device.

controls on the left

Further reading

The National Early Warning Score was developed by the Royal College of Physicians. If you want to know more about the development of the score or how it should be used, follow the link below.

Royal College of Physicians – National Early Warning Score


NCalc is a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) calculator for iOS and Android.