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Dose chex - Getting Started

Many elements of Dose Chex can be customised. This can be done as you need when you need to calculate each new medication. Once created it can be re-used.Several features are designed to minimise the risk of errors in the preparation and administration of medications. 

1. Select a calculator

When you first launch Dose Chex it will check for a previously installed version and ask if you wish to import medications created in a previous version.

The five calculators cover the range of medications you will need to give. Begin by selecting the desired calculator from the Home screen. 


2. Select the medication

At the top of the screen you will see the currently selected medication. 

This will be the default value if you have set one. Tapping on this will show you the list of available medication for that calculator.

IF you need to adda medication tap the ‘+ symbol,

3. Select the input type

The available input type vary by calculator. Choose the input type you want to use.

4. Enter required data

Enter the data for the selected option. Weight is only mandatory for weight based calculations.

The results will be shown at the bottom of the screen.