EMUK detail

Decision rules

Finding the rule you want is simply a matter of scrolling through the list. Alternatively search by the rule name, condition, or other keywords will return the list of matching decision rule.


In the settings screen you can choose to hide rule that apply only to adults or children. Hidden rules will still show when you use the search function, unless you choose to keep them hidden


If you want even more control you can hide individual rules. These will still show when searching. You can reorder the rule list so your favourite rules are at your fingertips.


How to use the interface

Wherever possible text entry has been eliminated, but for some rules it is required. To avoid the problem of having to convert to different units of measurement EMUk allows you to enter information in whatever form you have it. For example you can see below the rule requires the patients weight in kilograms. Tapping the arrow to the right of the text box will allow you to enter the weight in stone and pounds. The information is converted to kilograms and entered into the rule for you.